WARMTH, SOPHISTICATION & A GRAND AMBIANCE. Eventique began with a vision to design and organize grand events tailored to the latest trends and client desires. Since then we have grown into an exclusive boutique agency that plans, designs and hosts weddings and events of a luxurious caliber. We have mastered the skill of creating custom-made and personalized occasions that inspire moments of pure joy and everlasting memories for each individual client.

Blending it with our distinct style, we produce joyous celebrations for an elite and sophisticated clientele. We understand the details of colours, textures, patterns, design and lighting. And enjoy the process of transforming and joining all these elements to tell the story of your occasion.

Whether it’s a traditional wedding ceremony, night out with the town’s most glamorous socialistas or perhaps a unique and creative store launch; we are here to create the ambience that you desire.

We work from the heart and are passionate about making your day extraordinary. Whatever your desire may be, we would be happy to indulge your every extravagance. So you can impress, amaze and treasure memories of a lifetime.

Offering you the A to Zen of our expertise and experience, we are here to make your event a celebration you will remember for decades to come.